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Over the years, we have installed a number of digital display systems for our customers. The emerging requirement to publish information quickly and display several media types simultaneously led us to develop our own Digital Signage Application. We set out to deliver a solution that satisfied the following requirements:


Can our system have a one-off cost with no on-going charge?


Can we create a system that is non-hardware specific?


Can a user with limited technical expertise operate the system?


Can the system integrate with most organisational networks?

From this the Camcom digital signage system was developed. We invite you to read on to discover some of the core features and applications of our product.

Main Features

Please read below for information on some of the main features of our system.

Use Any Display

The output from our player unit can be used to drive any display with an HDMI input. Choose to re-use current screens or install new display devices

Create Branded Look

The content of your digital notice board can be embedded within a background image that delivers a look and feel consistent with your brand

High Quality Video

Send video files to your screen up to a resolution of 1080p. The player will handle most of the popular formats generated by editing and content creation packages

Image Playback

Send a folder of images to your screen. Most of the common image formats are supported. Simply drag all your images to a folder and a few clicks later they will appear on your displays

Ticker-Tape Messages

Incorporate a ticker-tape style message section in your screen. Our third-party module allows this area to be controlled by users without the main management module

RSS News Feeds

Include feeds published on the Internet such as latest news headlines, weather updates, traffic updates etc. Our additional RSS module also lets you create your own feeds internally

Live TV

Embed a stream generated from an IPTV system. You can also use other streaming devices showing a variety of video sources such as TV tuners, DVD players, dashboard outputs etc.

Live Statistics

Embed dashboard outputs, real-time statistic outputs in the display. This feature requires the third-party source to generate a compatible HTML page

Time and Date

Add a digital clock to your screen. Choose between a variety of styles and formats and colours so that it fits seamlessly in to your branded template

Digital Menus

For food outlets, use our menu generator module to create graphical representations of your menus. Reduce the need to outsource graphic design for every menu change

Content Scheduling

Schedule content to display on a certain time and date. Templates can also be changed at specific times, optimising the display each time you change the layout

Intuitive Interface

All of our software module are designed for ease-of-use. We will design a workflow for you and recommend the best modules that suit your application

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements

Please feel free to get in touch and discuss your AV project requirements with one of our sales consultants. We can offer you the best advice and options moving forward.

More Features

Design Consultancy

Get a package that meets your exact requirements working alongside on of our experienced sales advisors

Full Installation

If required, every aspect of the installation can be handled by our install technicians, providing a full "turn-key" solution

Latest Technologies

We have close links with the main UK AV dealers, giving you access to the latest technology at competitive prices

Full Training

Every system user will receive full training after installation leaving them well equipped to operate our design software

Free Updates

Each system is provided with free minor updates for each software module so there is no on-going costs or subsequent charges

Great Support

Peace of mind knowing that we offer a wide range of support channels such as telephone, e-mail, remote desktop or on-site

Sample Applications

Reception Welcome Screen

Keep your visitors informed with a digital noticeboard in your reception

Videowall Source

Use a Camcom Signage player to drive the output of a videowall

Real-Time Statistics

Send an HTML page containing real-time statistics to your digital display network

Corporate Noticeboard

Install digital screens throughout your organisation, alerting staff of important announcements

Advertising Screens

Send your preferred media format to your displays and create a network of advertising screens

Outdoor Displays

Install IP rated displays outside to provide information terminals in specific areas