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Over the years we have installed many video wall and digital signage solutions, offering information and eye-catching media for customers and visitors. Looking at these projects, we set out to create a product that satisfied the following requirements:


How can you encourage your visitors to engage with the displays?


Could an ad-hoc layout of displays be used to create interesting visuals?


Could the system provide an intuitive platform to create presentations?

User Control

Could the display output be controlled by the end-point user?

From this the Camcom Presenter system was developed. We invite you to read on to discover some of the core features and applications of our latest product.

Main Features

Please read below for information on some of the main features of our system.

Use Any Display

The output from our player unit can be used to drive any display with an HDMI input. Choose to re-use current screens or create your own unique layout.

Use Any Layout

Each display has a dedicated player unit so you can create unique display layouts. No longer bound to a single screen, create an eye-catching display matrix

Flexible Control Options

Immerse users with a programmable front end. Tablets, interactive tables, touch screen displays can all be used to change the screen content according to user selection

Intuitive Design Software

Our design software makes it easy to create your presentations. Set your screen layout, define your menu structure and allocate your media for each stage, all via a clean visual interface

Use Common Media Types

Display a unique video or image file for each display for each stage of your selection. Integrate standard media formats such as MP4, JPG, PNG in to your presentations

Integrate Lighting Control

Control third party components such a lighting controllers to synchronise changes to your displays with other room effects as the user works their way through the menus

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements

Please feel free to get in touch and discuss your AV project requirements with one of our sales consultants. We can offer you the best advice and options moving forward.

More Features

Design Consultancy

Get a package that meets your exact requirements working alongside on of our experienced sales advisors

Full Installation

If required, every aspect of the installation can be handled by our install technicians, providing a full "turn-key" solution

Latest Technologies

We have close links with the main UK AV dealers, giving you access to the latest technology at competitive prices

Full Training

Every system user will receive full training after installation leaving them well equipped to operate our design software

Free Updates

Each system is provided with free updates for each software module so there is no on-going costs or subsequent charges

Great Support

Peace of mind knowing that we offer a wide range of support channels such as telephone, e-mail, remote desktop or on-site

Sample Applications

Museum Presentation

Interactive multimedia display for exhibits

Immersive Rooms

Send content across displays to create an immersive room environment

Visitor Attractions

Create an interactive information system for visitors

Videowall Controller

Change output to existing videowalls to content from a programmed library

Branding Experience

Expose your brands by combining the latest AV technology with interactive multimedia

Digital Retail Catalogues

Provide your customers with an interactive digital catalogue on your shop floor