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Our Solutions

Below are some of the main solutions that are delivered for industrial space systems

Digital Signage

Keep your staff informed with displays installed throughout the area showing notices on a digital signage platform

IP Rated Displays

For harsher environments, not optimal for regular displays, we can deliver an IP rated display designed to withstand harsher conditions

Speaker Systems

Install a broad speaker system, creating the capability to communicate with your employees clearly and concisely

Real-Time Statistics

Drive HD displays with the output of a real-time-statistics platform. Staff can respond and gather information immediately from the data presented to them

Site Induction / Training System

Install an interactive display that allows users to view content such as training videos, induction videos and product documentation

Full installation

Our installation technicians will handle every AV component of your system including device installation, cable termination, equipment rack building and control programming

Main Benefits

Please read below for some of the main benefits of installing AV technology in your industrial space

Improve Productivity

Having real-time production statistics presented motivates employees to push performance to meet their production targets

Content On-Demand

With time coming at a premium in industrial areas, getting the right information to perform specific tasks quickly is of up-most importance


Installing equipment suitable for the environment ensures the lifespan of the system is not compromised if it were using no IP rated devices

Improve Communication

Creating an environment where vital business information is presented immediately improves overall communication within the company

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