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Our Solutions

Below are some of the main solutions that are delivered for office space systems

Digital Signage

Keep your staff informed with displays installed throughout the office showing notices on a digital signage platform

Interactive Displays

Create a space where your employees can present ideas on a large interactive display. Several options on size and capability will ensure the right fit for your environment

Huddle Spaces

Provide your employees with a dedicated area where they can collaborate and share ideas in private, presenting and sharing documents from their own devices

Real-Time Statistics

Drive HD displays with the output of a real-time-statistics platform. Staff can respond and gather information immediately from the data presented to them


Connect other offices, staff and customers together with a video-conferencing system. Systems can be designed for any space, ensuring the right fit

Full installation

Our installation technicians will handle every AV component of your system including device installation, cable termination, equipment rack building and control programming

Main Benefits

Please read below for some of the main benefits of installing a videowall system

Improve Productivity

Providing employees with a private meeting area where they can share ideas, increases capacity and willingness to share ideas

Make Use of Space

You can maximise your floor space by incorporating a huddle space shell rather than fabricating dedicated rooms

Increase Collaboration

Wireless connectivity of user devices along with video conferencing capability provides a platform for employees to work collectively

Improve Communication

Creating an environment where vital business information is presented immediately improves overall communication within the company

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