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Our Solutions

Below are some of the main solutions we offer for your reception / welcome areas

High Quality Displays

Provide an eye-catching welcome board using high quality displays or projectors. Use the display to show multimedia such as a welcome video or digital dashboard


Maximise the impact of your display system by installing a videowall. Flexible options ensure you will have the correct size and layout that maximises your space

Interactive Screens

Install a display matrix that allows a user to interact and change the content. This could be a site induction, company portfolio, site map etc.

Digital Signage

Keep all of your staff and visitors informed with a digital notice board combining media elements such as organisation presentations, live TV and RSS news feeds

Induction Loops

Create a sound system for the benefit of staff and visitors who require the use of a hearing aid by installing an induction loop system

Full installation

Our experienced AV technicians can handle every aspect of the AV installation from device install, termination points and cable runs.

Main Benefits

Please read below for some of the main benefits gained from installing audio visual technology in your reception / welcome area

Engage Visitors

Installing an eye-catching display is a strong method for ensuring viewers will be drawn to the display and media content it shows

Immediate Impact

A good first impression should not be undervalued, and how better to impress your visitors with a stunning audio visual display

Keep Staff & Visitors Informed

Digital content on your screens ensures that the content is always up to date, guaranteeing the right message is always put across

Enhance Communication

Be it an audio system or an interactive touch screen with user information, you can rest assured that your message is getting directed

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