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Video Recording Systems

Immersive Simulation Experience!

Working between the audio visual and simulation recording markets has led us to develop the cSkills Presenter immersive room platform. Developed in-house, we can offer many benefits:

  • Extremly simple to use
  • Create your own simulation content
  • Flexible display options
  • Several support channels available

If you would like to a demonstration of the system, please feel free to get in touch and one of our experienced sales consultants will happily arrange this for you.


Key Features

Intuitive Design Software

Our design software makes it easy to create your presentations. Set your screen layout, define your menu structure and allocate your media for each stage, all via a clean visual interface.

Use Common Media Types

Display a unique video or image file for each display for each stage of your selection. Integrate standard media formats such as MP4, JPG, PNG in to your presentations.

Flexible Control Options

Immerse users with a programmable front end. Tablets, interactive tables, touch screen displays can all be used to change the screen content according to user selection.

Integrate Audio Control

Program background audio to sync with your training scenarios. Flexible audio configurations provide a means to enhance the simulation, providing immersive audio alongside the video.

Create Your Own Content

If required, we can provide a custom recording rig that will allow you to record your own material for your simulations. HD cameras are precisely mounted on a platform, allowing you to capture a panoramic scene.

HD Quality

The recording rig consists of three HD cameras, ensuring the best quality when imported in to your system.

Easy to Use

Simply place the cameras on the perspex mount, position with our dedicated software application and record!

Simple Editing Package

Our easy-to-use video editor lets you synchronise your clips, trim sections and optimise the format for playback.

Arrange A Demo

Please feel free to get in touch and one of our experienced sales consultants will help discuss your requirements and arrange a product demonstration if required

Other Benefits

In addition to the many fantastic features the cSkills Presenter system offers, there are a range of extra benefits that you receive when you purchase your immersive room solution from us.

Design Consultancy

Get a package that meets your exact requirements, working alongside on of our experienced sales advisors

Full Installation

If required, every aspect of the installation can be handled by our install technicians, providing a full "turn-key" solution

Latest Technologies

We have close links with the main UK AV dealers, giving you access to the latest technology at competitive prices

Full Training

Every system user will receive full training after installation leaving them well equipped to operate our design software

Free Updates

Each system is provided with free updates for each software module so there is no on-going costs or subsequent charges

Great Support

Peace of mind knowing that we offer a wide range of support channels such as telephone, e-mail, remote desktop or on-site