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Complete Customisation

We appreciate that the requirements for a multimedia library will change between various organisations. With this in mind, each system is developed from the ground up, with input from you as the end user and us as the developer. It is our goal to create a system that will fit around the way you work and provide a range of functionality that will enhance the way you share and use your multimedia.

Look and Feel

Create an application that follows your organisation's branding

Feature Selection

You define the features and functionality within your archiver

Hardware Configuration

Select the hardware specification that fits your operation requirements

Platform Specification

Choose the appropriate platform to support your application

Our dedicated sales and technical team will advise you every step of the way making sure that you have an archiving system that best fits your requirements.

Main Features

Below are some of the features of our archiver applications. You can tailor your application to include all of the components you require.

Central Storage

Any form of digital multimedia can be stored in the library. All files are stored centrally for easy access. The software can import most of the common types of media formats such as:

  • Video Files
  • Images
  • Documents
  • Audio Files

Encoding/Import Options

The software can be designed to provide a number of ways in which the administrator can import content in to the library.

  • Module allows standard file copying from locations such as shared network paths, USB storage pens, local directories etc.
  • HD Capture Card can be installed allowing real-time capture from sources such as video cameras, DVD players etc.
  • Capture video from a video streaming device such as a media server or IP camera

Easy Navigation

If your system stores a lot of video files our software makes it easier for users to find relevant sections of clips.

  • Grab individual frames and save them as images
  • Remove a section of a video clip and save it in the library
  • Insert tag points and notes against a video file

Administrator Tools

Our software can offer various levels of administration according to the requirements within your organisation.

  • Create user accounts so that access to the library is password protected
  • Set various user levels, limiting functionality and access per user
  • Audit activity within the library such as who uploaded the file, who has been viewing the file and when

Why Choose Us

As the performance of your equipment can impact the performance of your organisation, you want to rest assured that you can count on your support contractor. Below are some of the the reasons you can count on Cameron Communications to deliver.

Strong Background

We have designed, developed and installed archiver systems for a range of clients across a variety of sectors

We Are Extremely Flexible

You have access to a team with a range of skills such as programming, graphic design and system hardware installation

Great Support

Rest assured that backup is available through several channels such as telephone, remote desktop and on-site support

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements

Please feel free to get in touch and discuss your AV project requirements with one of our sales consultants. We can offer you the best advice and options moving forward.