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Our Solutions

Below are some of the main solutions that are delivered for videowall systems

HD Displays

With access to competitive pricing for all of the main display manufacturers, we can specify and install the latest videowall screen technology for your area

Speaker Systems

Enhance the audio capability of your videowall by installing a simple soundbar setup or go even further with an array of speakers providing maximum coverage

Digital Signage

Make your videowall an information terminal by driving the input with one of our digital signage players

Interactive Display

Connect a Camcom Presenter player to your system to create an interactive terminal. Users can select and change content via a tablet interface

Input Switching

Get multiple applications from your videowall by connecting a presentation switcher. Layout different sources on the display or switch between them using a control panel

Full installation

Our installation technicians will handle every AV component of your system including device installation, cable termination, equipment rack building and control programming

Main Benefits

Please read below for some of the main benefits of installing a videowall system

Visually Impressive

Large scale, high quality content is a guaranteed to create an immediate impact for your viewers


Videowall controllers can present a variety of content is different layouts, maximising the use of the area

Superior Brightness

In contrast to some projectors, video wall displays have more brightness and better contrast, ideal for bright, open-space areas


You can get creative with your display layout and present your displays in an unconventional shape pattern

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