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Our Solutions

Below are some of the solutions that are delivered for training room areas

Interactive Displays

Install an interactive touch screen display, ideal for collaborating and sharing ideas. Users can interact with content and complete tasks

Immersive Rooms

Create an immersive training environment using a combination of visual and audio equipment such as projectors and speakers

Interactive Hubs

Provide users with an interactive training terminal, offering a range of multimedia accessible through a programmable touch screen interface

Input Switching

Connect several input devices to your system and control each aspect of your presentation system such as device power, input selection and lighting via a user friendly interface

Document Readers

Integrate a document reader in your system to incorporate high quality renderings in to your visual presentation in real time

Full installation

Our installation technicians will handle every AV component of your system including device installation, cable termination, equipment rack building and control programming

Main Benefits

Please read below for some of the main benefits for incorporating AV technology in to your training room

Clear Communication

Presenting on large, vivid displays with clear audio ensures that the presentation can be heard clearly by all those in attendance

Improved Experience

The use of technology improves the overall user experience for both the presenter and the audience members

Ease of Use

Every aspect of the presentation system can be controlled via a single device preventing the need for manual switching of each device

Streamlined Installation

Having all of the equipment and devices connected via common interfaces streamlines the overall installation and user experience

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