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Video Recording Systems

Queen Margaret Hospital - Simulated Ward


NHS Fife approached us to provide our cSkills camera and recording system for the newly refurbished simulated ward area within the Education Centre at Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline.

The main requirements of the project included:

  • Cameras to be positioned at the head of each of the 4 bed areas, along with 2 overview cameras in the middle of the ward
  • Microphones positioned at each bed and around the ward to capture the audio
  • Cameras and microphones in the lecture room so that debrief sessions can also be captured and recorded
  • Provide the ability to view live and play back any recordings on the system from the lecture room
  • Provide the ability to view and capture the vital signs generated from a manikin simulator at each bed
  • Provide an audio talkback solution to allow the comms room to communicate to each bed area via speaker
  • A standalone solution was preferred with no requirement to connect to the NHS trust network infrastructure for the system to operate

The Solution

Having already purchased and used the cSkills portable system at another hospital within the trust, staff were already familiar with the cSkills software and it was the preferred choice as a fixed system within the new ward. The system comprises:

  • 6 x cSkills 1080p PTZ cameras in the ward area allowing a variety of views around the room and of each of the 4 bed areas. The wide angle of view of the selected cameras allows the camera at the head of the bed to capture all of the desired action taking place around the bed. Drop down microphones connected back to a digital mixer capture the audio in high quality
  • Each bed area has a 21” LED monitor installed alongside a cSkills vital signs interface box. The user can make a simple connection from manikin simulator laptop, tablet, iPad etc. to the interface box and the ops screen can be viewed on the monitor and captured into the cSkills system for viewing and recording alongside the camera footage
  • Talkback solution comprises of 4 x speakers mounted at the head of each bed and an ear piece solution for private communication between the control room operator and facilitator in the ward. A cSkills audio control tablet allows the operator to select any or all speakers and ear piece and then talk directly to them via a desktop microphone
  • Tagging tablet with newly updated software allows the facilitator to tag and comment any points of interest for quick recall upon playback. A messaging feature provides a method for the control room PC to send a message to the tablet\facilitator and vice versa
  • A cSkills video/audio PC interface was provided in the control room to allow the video and audio feeds from the system to be available to broadcast over Microsoft Teams
  • The lecture room had an existing audio visual setup with dual large format monitors so our cSkills streamer PC was integrated into the existing lectern and connected up so that any camera, vital signs feed, and accompanying audio can be viewed live or post-session from the recording library


The brand new ward area now has a flexible and easy to use system to record, view live, and playback to aid in simulation and training in the education centre. Various camera groups (up to 4 cameras or streams) where set up initially for each bed area and lecture room, the streams of which can be viewed in full screen, picture in picture or quad split.

cSkills is an IP based system, so changing or adding to the streams that are available within a group is a straightforward process. This provides a great degree of future proofing and flexibility allowing the system to adapt and change as the needs of the suite evolve.

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