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Video Recording Systems

Queen's University Belfast -
KN Cheung SK Chin Intersim Centre


The KN Cheung SK Chin Intersim Centre is the new Clinical Skills Teaching centre at MBC, Queens University Belfast. The centre offers one of the most sophisticated Clinical Skills teaching facilities within the UK.

As part of the integration for this project, the University chose the cSkills software and hardware solution from Cameron Communications. The facility includes twelve simulation and ten debrief areas over two floor levels.

The main requirements of the project included:

  • Design and implement a network for the cSkills system encompassing all of the simulation areas
  • Provide recording facilities in the various simulation areas
  • Provide the ability to capture, stream and record a vital signs feed, generated from a manikin simulator, for integration with the cSkills System
  • Have the ability to de-brief trainees with video playback, or observe a live simulation in any of the various de-brief and control rooms
  • Provide an immersive room solution for the Sim Cave area
  • Provide a 3D recording system that would allow for new material to be created for the Sim Cave immersive room system
  • Provide a digital signage solution for displaying the latest information regarding the centre

The Solution

Our cSkills system was selected as the preferred solution. We worked with the University and Contractors on the project to design and implement a system that fit the requirements for the Intersim Centre.

  • We designed and implemented a network system that allows for the complete integration of the cSkills components across the entire centre, including a central network cabinet which houses all of the switches, recording equipment and storage for the cSkills System
  • In the Pharmacy, Home Environment and General Practice simulation areas, we provided PTZ Cameras and ceiling microphones for recording. These smaller rooms have wall mounted touchscreens which can be used to control recordings and playback for debrief
  • The main Ward and ICU Simulation areas were fitted with PTZ/fixed view cameras, ceiling microphones, talkback speakers and network points allowing for integration of vital signs in recordings. Master Control room areas allow technicians to have full control over the operation of various aspects of the cSkills system in the simulation areas, such as control of the cameras and talkback system.
    A phone system connecting the control rooms and simulation areas was also provided for use in simulation scenarios. Recordings of cameras and patient vital signs and simultaneous live streaming using Microsoft Teams is controlled from each control room area
  • A number of dedicated de-brief suites are fitted with 65" touchscreens on the wall which can be used for playback of recordings, or viewing live sessions from any area of the simulation centre
  • The Sim Cave was fitted with three projectors and a wall mounted 65" touchscreen. The projectors allow video to be shown on three of the walls, providing an immersive experience in the room. The touchscreen can be used to change the video instantly via the Camcom Presenter control software, allowing for instantaneous scene changes. A 3D recording kit was provided to allow for more content to be created for the Sim Cave as required
  • Throughout the centre there have been various screens fitted, including a four screen video wall at reception using software generated notifications keeping students updated with the latest information. These screens are powered by our Camcom Signage system which centre staff can update using a simple interface

Simulation Area - Control Room

Sim Cave - Immersive Room


The system is in place now provides a flexible and easy way to record, view live, and playback to aid in simulation and training throughout the centre.

cSkills is an IP based system, so changing or adding to the available recording streams available is a straightforward process. This provides a great degree of future-proofing and flexibility allowing the system to adapt and change as the needs of the centre evolve.

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