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Video Recording Systems

Create Recordings Anywhere!

The cSkills Portable recording system is perfect for customers who need to record their training and simulation scenarions in a variety of locations. The light-weight kit is so easy to assemble you will be recording in no time!

  • Extremly simple to use
  • Easy to transport between locations
  • Several options and variations
  • Numerous support channels available

If you would like to a demonstration of the system, please feel free to get in touch and one of our experienced sales consultants will happily arrange this for you.


Key Features

Flexible Packages

With a choice of various hardware configurations, we can work with you to provide a system that fits your exact requirements at a price that suits your budget!

Ultra Portable

Small, light-weight components allows the entire system to be broken down and transported with ease. Ideal when you need to use the equipment across several locations.

HD Quality Cameras

High definition IP cameras with built in microphones guarantee high quality footage. The crystal clear images from different camera angles will capture every detail of your session!

Easy to Assemble

Adjustable camera brackets and colour coded connections means the system can be set up with ease. Simply connect all your components, turn on the power and get ready to start.

Intuitive Software

Start/Stop recordings, tag reference points during capture and control all of your cameras via the intuitive cSkills Control software developed by Cameron Communications.

Tag Recordings

Our tag marker module allows other users to assign bookmarks while the recording is in progress. These can be quickly re-called afterwards during the video analysis stage.

Post Recording Analysis

Playback and review your session instantly. Call upon your tags for easy navigation, view multiple streams at once and edit your recording to extract relevant sections.

Incorporate Data Feeds

VGA or HDMI inputs allow you to include a data feed in your recording such as vital signs for clinical skills environments or a laptop output for other recording applications.

Arrange A Demo

Please feel free to get in touch and one of our experienced sales consultants will help discuss your requirements and arrange a product demonstration if required

Other Benefits

In addition to the many fantastic features the cSkills Portable system offers, there are a range of extra benefits that you receive when you purchase your portable recording solution from us.

Designed In-House

Software is developed by our own developers and many features are implemented as a result of feedback from our end-users

Extremely Flexible

Requirements between users are rarely the same, trust us to configure a system that will fit your exact specifications

Latest Technologies

Our system is always improving as we incorporate the latest IP camera and recording unit technology in to our design

Full Training

Every system user will receive full training after delivery leaving them well prepared to operate the equipment

Free Updates

Each system is provided with free updates for each software module so there is no on-going costs or subsequent charges

Great Support

Peace of mind knowing that we offer a wide range of support channels such as telephone, e-mail, remote desktop or on-site