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Video Recording Systems

About Us

Through years of experience in the Audio Visual industry we have provided a number of multimedia solutions for a variety of simulation environments, including immersive rooms and medical simulation experiences. Over time we have seen the need for video acquisition in teaching / training become a core part of many organisations learning and evaluation modules.

As a result we have developed the cSkills (Clinical Skills) recording system which provides a simple and effective platform for users to record, playback and analyse their training scenarios via an intuitive interface, making the video capture and analysis process easier than ever.

If you would like to a discuss your project with us, please feel to get in touch and one of our experienced sales consultants will happily get back to you.


Key Features

  • Record multiple sources such as High Definition cameras, vital signs, glasses with embedded camera
  • Create recording groups of up to four switchable sources, all controlled and recorded simultaneously
  • IP based P.A. system allows audio communication to speakers or in-ear headphones
  • Watch live streams of any video source in breakout/lecture areas
  • Live-tagging lets users mark points of interest during recordings
  • Create live broadcasts with your preferred meeting/presentation platform such as Teams or Zoom

Fixed Systems

For dedicated medical simulation and training areas, we can design, supply and install a full recording/streaming platform. Our combination of cSkills software applications and recording hardware will ensure you have a clinical skills system capable of capturing every aspect of your simulated sessions.

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Portable Systems

For customers looking for a portable recording solution, we can provide the exact system for you. Combine up to four recording sources such as cameras, vital signs in a lightweight, low-profile case that can be deployed in minutes, giving you a recording solution wherever you go.

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Key Features

  • Lightweight, low-profile case for maximum portability
  • Can be supplied with a battery pack removing the need for power sockets
  • Can be integrated with a fixed system, allowing the user to deploy the unit within a clinical skills suite
  • Connect any combination of up to four video sources such as video cameras or vital signs data

Key Features

  • Use our pre-recorded library, or record and import your own scenarios using a 360 degree camera
  • Control the immersive room scene selection with a tablet or touchscreen device
  • Integrate with your fixed recording system to capture and record your training sessions
  • Add speakers to combine high quality audio to your visual backdrop
  • Include sensory effects such as smoke, smells and LED lighting

Immersive Rooms

Turn a teaching area in to an immersive experience with our immersive room solution. Mapping media to projector outputs, you can turn a blank space in to any backdrop of your choosing, enhancing the simulation and training experience for your users.

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Software Modules

We have developed a range of software applications that can be deployed within your clinical skills system, providing a wide range of features and functionality.

Why Choose Us?

We appreciate that there are many considerations to make when designing your recording system. Below are some of the benefits that a cSkills recording solution will provide.

Strong Background

Our experience in supplying full solutions for over fifteen years lets us give our customers the best possible advice.


Few environments are ever the same so our modular design lets us tailor a system that fits specific requirements.

Latest Technologies

Our products are always improving as we incorporate the latest IP camera and recording unit technology in to our systems.

System Design

Our experienced sales consultants can advise you with every aspect of your system design, ensuring a solution that fits your exact needs.

Complete Installation

We provide a full turn-key solution with a dedicated team of installation technicians installing the complete system.

Full Training and Support

Every system user will receive full training after installation. We also offer several support channels for additional peace of mind.

Latest Projects

Birmingham City University - Seacole Building

We were asked to provide the recording and streaming solution for clinical skills centre located in the Seacole building.

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SCAS - Whiteley Education Centre

We were chosen to provide the immersive room, recording and de-briefing solutions at the Whiteley Education Centre.

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Queen's University Belfast - Intersim Centre

We were chosen to provide a complete clinical skills outfitting at the KN Cheung SK Chin Intersim Centre.

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University of Reading - JJ Thompson Building

We were asked to provide the recording and streaming solution for the refurbished JJ Thompson Building simulation suite.

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