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Tiso - In-Store Digital Signage


We were contacted by the marketing team from Tiso who were looking for new ways to engage and communicate effictively with their customers at three of their busiest stores in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aviemore. One of these avenues was the introduction of digital screens that could be used to present marketing information.

Any system introduced had to satisfy the following requirements:

  • It must be centrally managed so that a member of the marketing team can change the output instantly from their desktop PC at the company base in Edinburgh
  • The team want to send high quality video and image content to the display
  • There was a desire to output social media content on the screens
  • The multimedia was to be wrapped in a theme consistent with the company's brand guidlines

The Solution

The satisy all of the requirements above, the following system was introduced:

  • Each store was fitted with profesionally a professionally graded LED display, mounted at the till area of the store. It was decided this would be an ideal location to obtain a captive audience
  • Behind each screen, a Camcom Signage player was fitted. The output of this player would feed the display input
  • The player units were configured to join the Tiso VLAN that connects all of their sites. This allows the devices to be updated and managed from their central office
  • A member of the marketing team was provided with the digital signage management software and our technicians assisted with the system setup, allowing all three site location to receive media updates when they are published
  • The Tiso website team created a widget that would display the latest Instagram feeds in an HTML page. The screens were configured to show a combination of marketing material (in the form of images and video) and social media updates
  • All of the content is wrapped in a graphic that is consistent with the Tiso brand
  • In addition to the management software, we also have our remote desktop support utility installed so we can provide remote assistance and support when required


Since the intitial approach and system delivery the displays have proven to be a continued success within the stores. This is supported by superb, rich media content that is sent by the Tiso marketing team on a regular basis.

As the users have gained familiarity with the system, we have continued to provide on-going support and offer advice on how to maximise the potential of their new signage network.

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