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North Berwick Golf Club - Digital Signage


We were approached by the managing secretary from North Berwick Golf Club. They were looking for a modern solution to improve communication with their members and visitors. The idea was put forward to install digital screens that would be used to present content.

Any system introduced had to satisfy the following requirements:

  • The displays would be of high quality and incorporate a variety of items such as PowerPoint slides, RSS news feeds, weather information etc.
  • The system could be managed via an intuitive interface
  • The look of the displays would be consistent with the image and identidy of the club
  • Training and support could be provided for users to ensure the system is used effectively

The Solution

The satisy all of the requirements above, the following system was introduced:

  • Two professionally graded displays were fitted. One is located at the clubhouse entrance, visible to members and guests as they enter the club. THe other would be located in the starter's office, facing outward so it could be viewed as players waited to begin their round
  • Behind each screen, a Camcom Signage player was fitted. The output of this player would feed the display input
  • The player units were configured to join the local network. This allows the devices to be updated and managed internally from various desktop PCs
  • Various members of staff were provided with the digital signage management software and our technicians assisted with the system setup
  • We provided the club with screen templates to make the displays consistent with the club identity represented in other marketing outlets such as the website
  • We configured the screens to show various elements, for example: The clubhouse displays local weather information, daily bulletins for visiting parties, general information about the club. The starter's office displays a course guide, local rules for players etc.
  • In addition to the management software, we also have our remote desktop support utility installed so we can provide remote assistance and support when required


Since the installation, the system has continued to be used and is updated regularly. We configured the system in such a way that the method for updating the daily/weekly bulletin is simple so this has ensured that it continues to be used effectively.

At various stages we have assisted the end-user remotely performing system updates and maintenance, contributing to the continued use of the system.

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