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Glasgow Film Theatre - Digital Signage System


We were contacted by the management at the GFT who told us they were looking for a signage solution which would allow them to revitalise the content on eight displays within their foyer and a further five displays installed in the Upper Bar of the Cinema

Below is a list of some of the key requirements for the system:

  • GFT Management requested a system which could be centrally managed, allowing the marketing team to provide high-quality movie trailers and posters to each of the displays instantly, or by a scheduled time or date directly from their desktop PC
  • The GFT also had a specific requirement for integration with their existing online 'whats on' page on the GFT website. Previously the daily and weekly screening schedule was updated on the GFT website, but with no means of displaying this information on the screens besides manually creating images and uploading them to the screens

The Solution

To satisfy all of the requirements above, the following system was introduced:

  • Behind each screen, a Camcom Signage player was fitted. These allow for content to be served to the screens efficiently. The players are connected to a local network which allows for central management of the screens
  • Our Camcom Signage management software was installed on desktop PCs within the organisation, allowing for management of the Camcom Signage players behind each screen
  • Some of the screens are configured to display the contents of a shared network folder. Simply put, it allows the marketing team to drag any images they want displayed in to a network folder, removing the need to navigate any management software
  • We developed a custom module that periodically retrieves showtimes for the theatre and generates an image that is integrated in to the signage platform. The system is automated so the daily listings are displayed on one of the screens, with the schedule for the next six days cycling on the screen underneath
  • In addition to the management software, we also have our remote desktop support utility installed so we can provide remote assistance and support when required


After the successful installation visit, the system is now operational. The GFT are now able to present marketing material such as their upcoming screenings, movie trailers and quickly and efficiently. We continue to provide support to the customer as they gain familiarity with the system operation, ensuring they are maximising the investment they made.

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